Advent ImageThese weeks leading up to Christmas—the ones filled with cookies and cards, lights and
laughter, preparation and presents—mark the beginning of the Church calendar. It’s a new year already y’all! The word itself means “the Lord is coming.” Indeed he is. In a manger.

Humbly, he enters the world that has been preparing for him since the beginning of time. Are you ready for him? I’m not. As much as I’d like to say I am, I don’t think I’ll ever be ready for the entrance of the Son of God in my life. And if I waited for that prime moment, I think it’d never come.

Every year I go back to the photo I took in Darfur, now seven years ago. A man and his horse plowing parched earth in the midst of a dust storm. It looks hopeless, but he plants and prepares anyway in faith that the rains will come and that they will be sufficient. The millet seeds he sinks into the ground have to sustain his family, or they will starve.

Do I understand my faith in the same way? Do I prepare for God to lead me as if my life depended on it? I don’tLife is comfortable to some degree for most of us. We don’t really know what it is to teeter on the edge of survival.

Where am I this Advent? I am in a place of new life—for once. I am clearing out the cobwebs that had collected on my faith and I’m opening my eyes to see how God really is active all around me.

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