Six Reasons I Color

Six Reasons Coloring Brings Me Joy

I have joined the adult coloring book party.

I’d been thinking about getting one for awhile and then a couple of weeks ago my mom brought me one, along with set of 48 gel pens (glitter, metallic, neon, oh my!). This book of stress menders, sucked me in immediately.

If anyone were to take a peek inside my brain, they’d get dizzy. It’s always going. I think most people’s (especially women’s) are. It is really hard for me to stop and focus on one thing at a time. My husband is always finding my little lists on the back of envelopes around the house. I leave voice memos to myself so I don’t forget things. Focus can be hard for me.

Enter the coloring book. I kinda love it. And because it seems that folks don’t really read anymore but manage to get through lists, here are six things I like about coloring:

  1. Taking time to think about colors, what looks nice, what they represent.
  2. Watching the way the gel ink fills in the small spaces as I move the pen around.
  3. Slowing down my thoughts while I color; I’ve solved more than one problem while coloring; it just comes to me.
  4. Experiencing something that has a defined beginning and end—there’s not enough of that in my life.
  5. Using my creativity without stepping too far outside my comfort zone.
  6. Accomplishing something tangible.

I’ve been trying to do it for a bit before bed to help me relax and stop thinking about whosits and whatsits. And it’s working. It’s not a cure-all for sure, but it certainly is helping me take some time to just “be” instead of “do.”

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