Pizza, Love, and Marriage

 Making Pizza is our thing.

Pizza helps keep us together. Seriously. We both love it. We started making it for ourselves at some point in our dating relationship. It soon became a Sunday night ritual that we keep to this day. If we miss our pizza night, we feel “off” as a couple. Making pizza is our thing. Certainly, more than pizza holds us together. (One would hope!) Cooking together helps us reconnect and remember ourselves in the midst of the madness that is life.

Our study of pizza has been quite extensive. We’ve eaten everything from dollar slices to historic pies to gourmet.

We’ve taken Scott’s Pizza Tours, which is still one of the best tours I’ve taken since living in New York. If you ever get the opportunity to take one of his tours . . . do it. Scott the only person I’ve met who loves pizza more than we do. 

We’ve watched YouTube videos and read cookbooks and even taken a class from The Brooklyn Kitchen, which gave us some mad pizza skillz.

Around 4:00 on Sunday I make the dough and then the kids’ dinner. Right before bedtime, I fire up the oven. While I’m singing good night songs to the kids, Ken makes the sauce and preps the toppings. Then, once the kids are snug in their beds, we get to work.

I’m not very good at using the peel to slide the pizza onto our little circular stone (which is how you’re supposed to do it), so we’ve come up with a compromise. We preheat the stone for about 30 minutes and then we get everything ready. I pull out the hot stone and we assemble the pizza as fast as possible before putting it back in the oven to cook. Our fastest assembly time is just under three minutes.

Pizza making is a dance and we each know our parts:

  1. I pull the stone out of the oven.
  2. Ken scatters cornmeal.
  3. I put down the dough.
  4. Ken spreads the sauce.
  5. We add the toppings (about three), taking turns.
  6. Ken adds the cheese.
  7. I put it in the oven.
  8. Ken sets the timer.
  9. We set the table and pour the wine.
  10. I pull the pizza out of the oven.
  11. Ken cuts it and serves.

We’re a pizza making team, and we work together effortlessly. I can’t explain it, but somehow this weekly ritual grounds us and helps us to reconnect, even in some of the most stressful times. Maybe it’s the reminder that even when we feel like we’re stepping on each other’s toes at every turn, we’ve still got it.

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