I am an occasional poet. When the winds of life batter me a bit, I work it out with words. These are some that I thought worth sharing. 

I have no words. by Michelle Okabayashi www.learning-grace.com

I have no words.

I have no words; I have too many words. And so I have said nothing. Parisians. Lebanese. Kenyans. Iraqis. Syrians. All crafted by the same God. They bleed the same blood. They weep the same tears. While others draw lines in the sand. Hate. Love. Fear. Intermingled, confused. The enemy and the victim look the […]

Seismic Shift www.learning-grace.com photo by Michelle Okabayashi, all rights reserved.

Seismic Shift

What causes this seismic shift? When certainty turns into a precipice Some small thing and feather light tips the balance And doubt looms large What turns the future into a question mark? When those things set in stone disintegrate Some crack appears in the solid plan And confidence dissolves What happens when the trap door […]

Good Enough

O God I am so tired of not being good enough. Not smart enough, skinny enough, rich enough, patient enough Not spiritual enough. O Lord, it’s so hard to be so close, yet so far from the goal. to not make the grade, to miss the mark be the last one picked for the team […]

The Pumping Room

  The mothers whose babies were born too soon, Like clockwork go to the pumping room. The pumps, they wheeze and sigh, Keeping the beat to three-fourths time. And to this rhythm the mommas chat. We talk about our babies and where they’re at, What happened, and why . . . if we know. And […]


When the Haiti earthquake struck in January 2010 two dear friends and mentors were trapped in the lobby of the Hotel Montana. They were found after 52 hours in the rubble. Both perished in their rescue. One was my boss, the other a colleague. They were in Haiti meeting with church leaders to work on […]

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