When the Haiti earthquake struck in January 2010 two dear friends and mentors were trapped in the lobby of the Hotel Montana. They were found after 52 hours in the rubble. Both perished in their rescue. One was my boss, the other a colleague. They were in Haiti meeting with church leaders to work on improving programs there. I was in Muir Woods outside of San Francisco the same weekend as their funerals. While walking the path through the forrest of giants, I saw one old tree that had fallen with circle of new growth sprouting around it. I couldn’t help but think of my friends whose lives were cut short and whose work would continue, even in their absence. 


The trees stood tall and strongIMG_0588

Roots deep
Green limbs reaching to the sky
Unswayed by wind or rain
Living in the fog
A testimony to God’s goodness
God’s creativity

Lightening strikes twice.

The crack, crash, moan of splintering wood
The weight of their being
Plummeting to earth
Clearing a path
Across the stream
Up the mountain

The giants lay in the mossy peat
Their roots, deep below
Still alive
The cords that tied these giants to the earth
That fed them as they pointed boldly to God
These roots give new life
New giants in the making
A circle
A testimony
A remembrance of what they began
Continuing the work to bridge heaven and earth
For Sam and Clint 

 (c) 2015 Michelle Okabayashi, all rights reserved.

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